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Ritherdon Family Shield

What you can see on these pages

Data from family files, lots of names, my ancestry chart, and some photographs and other images.

Although there are only a few Ritherdons left in England, and rather more in Australia, listed here are the names of many of the families they married into over the last four hundred years or so. The earliest records place the family in Devon and Somerset from where, at about the end of the sixteenth century, significant numbers migrated to the City of London and surrounding counties. In the nineteenth century two cousins served with the East India Company and had families in India. Later two of the grandchildren of one of them emigrated to Australia, via Canada, and founded the Ritherdon family there.

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Family group sheets

Information on some early Somerset family groups (before 1700), many later family groups (1700 to 1900) and an early London family group (1600)


A list of the surnames of connected families

My Ancestry Chart

The principal subject families of my research are shown in the ancestry chart


Some photographs of my ancestors and other family members

Robert Ritherdon's Arms

The Blazon and Arms granted to Robert in 1801

family groups surnames ancestry chart photographs arms